Preserving Cemeteries

We acknowledge and honor those who have gone before us by locating, documenting, restoring and preserving African American cemeteries in Frederick County. These burial grounds vary from those found at African American churches, to a small graveyard on a private farm, to a handful of graves behind a private home. Our work includes:

  • Locating and documenting all African American cemeteries in the county.
  • Working with service groups and individual volunteers to organize periodic cleanups of cemeteries in the county.
  • Aiding in providing for the regular maintenance of each of the cemeteries.
  • Seeking funding to support the routine maintenance of the cemeteries.

Over the years we have documented the existence of several of these cemeteries. They are:

Church & Cemetery

  • Mt. Olive Church
  • African ME Church, Wayman’s AME Church
  • Simpson ME Church of New Market
  • African ME Church at Petersville (Union Bethel A.M.E. Church)
  • Hope Hill Church
  • Keys Chapel ME Church, Oldfield
  • African ME Church of Knoxville, Mt. Zion Church
  • Colored ME Church, Point of Rocks
  • Colored ME Church Jefferson
  • John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Mountville M.E Church (Sunnyside AME Church)
  • African ME Church (today St. Paul’s AME Church)Della Church Cemetery
  • Methodist Episcopal African Church of Middletown (Asbury)
  • Silver Hill ME Church
  • Ceres Bethel AME Church, Burkittsville
  • Dorsey’s Chapel Church
  • Ebenezer ME Church, Ijamsville/Centerville
  • Fountain Mills Methodist Cemetery
  • Lewistown Colored ME Church & Lewistown Colored Cemetery
  • Bell’s M.E. Church & Cemetery
  • Mt. Tabor Church & Cemetery

Cemeteries not associated with a church

  • Renner Burial Site, Catoctin Furnace (slave)
  • Laboring Sons Cemetery
  • Greenmount Cemetery, Frederick City (non existent*)
  • Fairview Cemetery, Frederick City
  • Lawson Cemetery – Libertytown
  • Jones Cemetery – Houck Rd.
  • Montevue Asylum Potter’s Field / Montevue almshouse
  • West Patrick Almshouse Potter’s Field (non existent*)
  • Kimmell Family Cemetery (possible slave)
  • L’Hermitage (slavehouse, but no slave cemetery?) (non existent*)
  • Bartonsville Colored Cemetery

*These cemeteries have been moved, i.e., the graves relocated.

Checkout Frederick Roots for more details on these cemeteries.

We have partnered with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, other local churches and service organizations to schedule graveyard cleanup and maintenance projects over the years, and continue to search out yet undocumented sites. We captured some photos of our October 2015 Cleanup of Mt Olive Cemetery.

We know of only one confirmed slave graveyard in Frederick County, which is near Catoctin Furnace, south of Thurmont. Since it is estimated that over 5,000 slaves were buried in Frederick County prior to the end of the Civil War, we have only accounted for a small fraction. Where are the rest? Click Slave Graveyard to learn more.

If you have any information about the location of a possible pre-Civil War slave graveyard, or other possible African American graveyard, please contact us.  And let us know if you’d like to help at the next cemetery cleanup day.

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