AARCH Committees

A considerable portion of AARCH’s work is carried out by committees, composed of volunteers and board members. The Committees and their duties may change over time. Committee members must be dedicated to AARCH’s mission, and may have expertise in their area of focus or just have interest in the subject area. Our committees and duties are:

  • GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT:  To develop strategies to generate required funding to sustain the society; to implement fundraising efforts such as membership drives, solicitation of donations from individuals and businesses, events, capital campaigns and grant applications; to obtain consultants and to promote the society and its mission.
  • COLLECTIONS:  To inventory, preserve, manage, develop and store artifacts owned by AARCH or which are currently on loan to AARCH and establish policies and procedures for the use of the collections.
  • DISPLAYSTo plan, design and secure displays in conjunction with the Collections, Education and History Research Committees.
  • FINANCE:  To ensure the organization’s financial stability by providing accurate financial reports, implementing audits and delivering oversight on budgets.
  • EDUCATIONTo plan and develop programs, presentations and events to engage students, schools and the community.
  • COMMUNICATION:  To promote and publicize AARCH and AARCH initiatives, publish periodic newsletters, maintain website.
  • SPEAKERS BUREAU:  To provide speakers for community presentations.
  • HISTORY RESEARCH:  To develop a particular expertise in African American genealogy and family history; to create a broad research agenda to document all aspects of African American history in Frederick County; to plan for a research room/library to serve the public in the new Heritage Center.
  • PROGRAM:  There are several standing committees that manage our ongoing programs.

If you are interested in working on and helping one of the committees, please contact us.