AARCH READS knows that storybooks have the power to awaken children to both the glories and the challenges life presents. AARCH READS presents video recordings of storybook readings that explore the culture, history, and beauty of being Black — as well as the challenges Black people face every day. AARCH READS targets young children, but the stories we share resonate with listeners of all ages. Our content addresses diverse subject matter and finds relevance for groups in many settings, from children in elementary school classrooms to families seated around the kitchen table.


“Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad”?: https://youtu.be/wYfujyNLJY8

“Mae Among the Stars”: https://youtu.be/9mX8efqkZJE

“The Story of Ruby Bridges”: https://youtu.be/FBWGucHJnSM

“Hair Love”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znZNwPNkB_Q