FCC Classes Partnership a Success!

AARCH Society wrapped up its Spring 2022 Institute for Learning in Retirement series at Frederick Community College (FCC) in May, bringing in more than 60 students to learn about Frederick County’s African American history.

“Frederick Community College was pleased and excited to be able to offer a lecture series on African American history to the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) students,” said Kelli Ackiewicz, Program Manager for Community at FCC. “Our students have requested courses in the past on African American history, especially as it pertains to Frederick County history. What AARCH was able to provide fulfilled a long-standing need for the program. Being able to offer more courses with historical content on minority groups has been a goal of the ILR Program. AARCH has instructors and resources that provide a tremendous service that enrich the local community and culture. Attendance at AARCH courses accounted for 9% of our overall program enrollment for the term. Feedback from students was certainly positive. We hope to continue this partnership as it adds diversity to the already expansive list of courses that we offer to the retired senior population of Frederick County.”

Stay tuned for the schedule of free Fall 2022 classes to be offered by AARCH members!

Author: Cathy