Living Treasures

AARCH hosts an annual banquet to celebrate African Americans age 90 and older in Frederick County where we pay tribute to those whose shoulders we stand on and the role they have played in our community. All are welcome to attend.

The Living Treasures Banquet is an occasion to express our appreciation for those who persevered and contributed through the challenges of past decades. It is an opportunity to deepen our awareness of the strength that resides among us in an older generation that we have so much to learn from. The banquet is an occasion for all of us to honor their meaningful lives.

Our most recent Living Treasures Banquet was held in October 2017 at the Libertytown Fire Hall, with approximately 200 guests in attendance to celebrate 22 of ourĀ Living Treasures.

Front row, left to right: Alfernia Dailey, Fern Brown, Addie Clark, Catherine Sappington, Arnold Ambush, Iantha Gray, Francis Avis Williams, Margaret Holland. Back row, left to right: Harold Cooper, Irma Lee, Imogene Brown, Helen Lee, Carolyn Dorsey, Warren Dorsey and Kenyon Parker.

A few other photos of the event may be seen in the Gallery.

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