Who We Are

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, AARCH Society is committed to fostering greater understanding among diverse cultures in Frederick County, Maryland.

Through programs and services in Frederick City and County – and through the establishment of The African American Heritage Center in downtown Frederick in 2023 – AARCH Society builds with community with a diverse range of stakeholders.

AARCH Society Mission

The AARCH Society identifies, collects, preserves, and makes publicly accessible, through our programs and services, the objects, artifacts and stories about the history, rich heritage and culture and the contributions of African Americans in Frederick County past and present and in doing so educates, enriches and enlightens this and future generations.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Offering a unique, authentic lens on the lived experience of Frederick County African Americans
  • Building a sense of community with our essential stakeholders
  • Deepening knowledge
  • Inspiring tolerance and appreciation of our differences, each other, and our shared humanity
  • Being a primary resource for researchers and any lover of history, heritage and culture
  • Providing today’s youth with information, knowledge, and history to educate and transform
  • Carrying forward our ancestor’s perseverance and resiliency
  • Aiming for professionalism, excellence, and integrity in how we do business, relate to each other, and to our stakeholders is the strong foundation on which we operate.

Our Vision –The Heritage Center

When complete, The African American Heritage Center will provide a permanent home for AARCH Society and its historical collection.

There, residents of Frederick County and beyond can participate in programs and activities, undertake research, learn about, and experience the cultural objects that tell the history about African Americans in Frederick County.