Let's resolve to make a shared front to accept and listen in truth and wholeness and become a better people as a result of it.

It’s an important narrative that needs to be told: stories about the history, rich heritage and culture, and the contributions of African Americans in Frederick County past and present. AARCH Society is a vibrant place to share these underrepresented stories.

Listening to the experiences of Frederick’s African American community is more vital than ever in today’s society. It educates, enriches, and enlightens current and future generations. It builds empathy, influences how we view today’s experiences, provides the opportunity to reach a common understanding, and allows individuals to volunteer together for the betterment of their community.

As a volunteer-led and run organization, AARCH Society has established volunteerism at the core of its culture – and it has attracted an impressive, hard-working, and committed volunteer corps on its governing Board of Directors, board committees, and task committees.

Our committees are a vital part of executing our mission. Additionally, volunteers are invaluable participants in the vision, planning, coordination, and execution of the design and eventual opening of the Heritage Center. This long-established volunteer culture continues as AARCH Society expands its operations, providing the ability to make an even greater impact in our community.

Get Involved

Join a Committee

AARCH Society offers many ways to be involved, to be supportive and to grow in knowledge. As a volunteer, a lover of history, culture and heritage and a seeker of knowledge, you can realize your interests and potential by participating in one of the Society’s Committees.

The only requirement of being a committee member is the willingness to share your skills, knowledge, experience, and interests in support of the Society’s stated mission, values, and goals. Here’s a listing of committee opportunities:

  • The Collection Committee is responsible for supporting the Society in its goal of growing and managing its collections by bringing their expertise to establishing and assisting in the implementation and enforcement of written policies and procedures for inventorying, cataloging, digitizing, preserving, conserving, managing, and making the collection of objects and archival materials publicly accessible.
  • The Communications Committee includes members with experience and expertise who assist the Society in overseeing and managing all matters related to effectively communicating with the Society’s stakeholders: members, donors, the press, media, and the general public. The Committee uses various vehicles and tools, including the website, newsletters, social media platforms, and the Society’s online presence and media relationships, to expand its brand and keep its stakeholders informed and updated about programs, events, activities, and news.
  • The Education Committee includes those with experience and expertise specific to school-based programs, curriculum development, pre-and post-visit materials, and teacher/educator training and workshops. In addition, the Committee plans and develops programs, presentations, and events that educate, enrich, and engage educators, students, schools, and the community.
  • The Program Committee includes members with expertise in program planning, design, and implementation who assist the Society in completing a five-year Program Plan based on its preliminary Program Plan. Additionally, members help research and identify resources and funding sources and design, develop, and implement the Society’s programs and services and the programs planned for the new Heritage Center. Current program and service areas include Cemetery Clean-Up and Preservation, Community History Fairs, Walking Tours, Living Treasures Recognition, and Oral History.
  • The Research Committee supports the Society’s mission as a resource and a source of knowledge and information by undertaking historical research about African American history, heritage, and culture and genealogy research for individuals seeking to trace their lineage. The Committee includes a history research team and a genealogy team of members who bring knowledge and expertise and are also interested in expanding their knowledge.

Become a Volunteer

In addition to roles within our committees, our volunteer program enables people with a passion for our mission to support special project work, such as creating videos, event greeters, and writing content. We are actively looking for people with a strong background in research,  history, and marketing to join special projects and committees.

We are forever grateful for the work and dedication of our volunteers. We could not deliver on our mission without them.

Volunteer Spotlight

Michael Paskowsky

After 37 years as an interpretive planner, media producer and project manager, Michael now dedicates himself to supporting non profits in various roles. His work at AARCH Society over the years has enabled us to secure numerous mission critical grants.

Michael says….

My first connection with AARCH was in 2013 while researching two city-sponsored interpretive panels at the Laboring Sons Memorial. I felt it was important to consult with the Society to develop a sensitive approach for telling this emotional story.

I believe I became a life member of AARCH in 2015.

In August 2019, David Key approached me about helping with writing grant applications. It was a new experience for me. During the unexpected extra time available during the pandemic, I was able to apply for 31 grants. 

I am also applying my experience as a project manager with the National Park Service. As a member of the Growth and Development committee, I am helping develop an interpretive plan and exhibits and media for the Heritage Center.

It’s been very rewarding to see the Society grow and take the great leap forward in developing the Heritage Center and bringing the vision of the Society’s founders to fruition.