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In Memory: Harold Cooper and Ruth Brown

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AARCH Society celebrates lives well lived. Join us as we honor Mr. Harold Cooper, who was featured in “The Tale of the Lion” documentary, and Mrs. Ruth Brown, who appeared in our most recent documentary of Lincoln School, “Back to Our Bygone Days.” harold cooper in white hat and glasses

Harold Cooper was born in 1927 in Jacksonville, Fla., and served in the military until 1947. He was employed at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for 35 years and during that time married Katherine Knight Cooper. In his senior years he moved to Frederick to live closer to family.  Mr. Cooper, who would often share his experiences of living in a segregated society, is featured in the opening segment of “The Tale of the Lion.“

Ruth Brown was born in 1929 and in adulthood became affectionately known as Miss Ruthie.  She married her high school sweetheart Bernard Brown in 1955 and became an admired classroom teacher, mentor, andMiss Ruthie Brown smiling at camera board member of various community organizations. Miss Ruthie was the creator of The Young, Gifted and Black Bernetta R. Brown Dance Troop, named after her only child who died unexpectedly in her late teens. Ruth and her husband both attended the segregated Lincoln School, and they appear together singing the Lincoln School song in the last scene of “Back to Our Bygone Days.”


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